Step 1: Visit Our Shop

  • Choose from the subscription options or purchase a one off
  • The subscription offers are discounted when paid up front for the period
  • Various subscription options allow you to pick an option that suits you best.
    • If your household already has lots of crafty supplies, choose the KOOKABURRA which as everything except the paints and embellishments.
    • If your household has lots of crafty supplies and you the carer are super crafty yourself, and have a good printer at home you may be happy with the CROCODILE and you can download the items and print them out at home.  
  • One off pricing gives you the opportunity to try the kits before committing to a subscription

Step 2: Joy Delivery

  • Order by Thursday each week for your kit to be delivered the following week. 
    • If you want the kit faster, we have special delivery options available – same day packing and delivery via courier or Express Post for an extra fee.  
    • Standard postage rates are within 2-3 days across Australia (although in the current climate there may be some delays but you will be able to track your parcel)   
    • All download only options will be delivered immediately. 

Step 3: Collaborate & Connect

  • Watch what the kids are making.  They’ll inspire YOU too with their capacity to create.
  • The kits are designed for minimal assistance from an adult and for them to self-occupy for at least 20-minute stretches at a time.  
  • That doesn’t mean that you can’t join in and have fun too. Kids really open up when they are in the flow – making and creating.  It’s a real opportunity to connect with them without having to come up with the play options yourself.
  • We hope you have just as much fun doing the projects as we do making them.

Step 4: Join the Crafty Kids Reward Club

  • The best way to get the most out of being part of Crafty Kids is to create an account
  • You’ll earn points, discounts and prizes for doing things like sharing and providing reviews.

Step 5: Share

  • Being part of the Crafty Kids Club means everyone can share the joy and inspire each other with their creations and ideas.
  • We encourage you to:
    • tag us on Instragram with any or all of these tags #iamacraftykid #craftykidsclub #iamamoverandamaker 
  • share on Facebook with @craftykidsclub